Paragon Electronic Design Limited

Company Feedback

"Throughout our dealings with "IPCoreworx" we have found them to be responsive, creative and customer focused. In addition, having a world class design and research organisation backing the IP brings many benefits such as state of the art algorithms, cross pollination of ideas and knowledgeable personnel from a wide range of disciplines." Shane Harrison - CEO Paragon Electronic Design Ltd

Project Description

“Paragon Electronic Design Limited” was a New Zealand based electronic Design Company. After working with British based "Imagination Technologies" and delivering quality outcomes time and time again “Imagination Technologies” did acquire “Paragon Electronic Design Limited”.

With a vast in-house IP Core library and experienced FPGA engineers, Callaghan Innovation can quickly design and implement customer FPGA needs. In collaboration with Paragon Electronic Design Limited, who specialise in electronic design aspects, we have helped customers with FPGA/Electronic design issues.